Sclerotherapy is an effective treatment for varicose and spider veins. We inject a medical solution into the affected veins, causing them to clot and swell shut. The blood flow redirects and the body removes the closed veins over time.

Types of Sclerotherapy

Conventional: This is the most basic option, which involves a tiny needle to inject a medical solution.

Foam Sclerotherapy: The medical solution is mixed with air to create a foamy substance. We use this on deeper, larger veins.

Ultrasound-Guided Sclerotherapy: For deeper veins that are harder to see, we use ultrasound to precisely locate the affected vein to inject the solution.

Your Treatment Experience

Sclerotherapy is an in-office treatment that takes about 45 minutes to an hour. We use a topical anesthetic – subcutaneous lidocaine – to numb the injection area, so the procedure is painless. Afterward, you may experience mild pain for 1-2 days, which you can treat with over-the-counter pain medication. You’ll be able to resume normal activity 1-2 days.

Expected Results

Sclerotherapy is clinically proven to be safe and effective for most patients. Expect gradual results over several weeks, as your body naturally removes the closed veins. For some people, varicose or spider veins may reappear in the future, and will have to be treated a few times before they are completely eliminated.

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