Ovarian or Hypogastric Vein Embolization

This is an effective solution for women who experience pelvic pain due to pelvic congestion syndrome, a condition in which varicose veins form in the uterus or ovaries. We use imaging technology to locate the varicose veins and insert a catheter through a tiny incision in the groin to access the femoral vein. We inject a synthetic medication that causes the vein to close. The vein will no longer function, and blood flow will be redirected to healthy veins.

Your Treatment Experience

Ovarian or hypogastric vein embolization is a minimally invasive procedure performed in a surgical center or hospital. It takes about an hour. Side effects include lower back pain, which you can treat with over the counter pain meds or prescriptions meds. You may also have some bruising. Most patients are able to resume normal activity in 3-5 days.

Expected Results

For most women, the pelvic pain goes away 3-4 weeks after treatment. You may need to take blood thinners short term. If symptoms continue, we may need to place a stent in the veins outside the ovarian veins.

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Because we’re highly specialized, with seven treatment locations in the St. Louis area, we’re able to schedule your exam and treatment much sooner than other facilities. Call us at 314-849-0923 or complete this contact form to get started.

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