An angiogram is a very effective screening method we use to diagnose narrowed or blocked arteries. If narrowed or blocked arteries are found an angioplasty will most likely be scheduled. Angioplasty involves inserting a thin catheter into the artery, using x-ray to guide it to the narrowed or blocked location. We insert a tiny balloon and inflate it to stretch open the vessel. Once it’s open, we insert the stent, a tiny mesh tube, to support the vessel walls.

Your Treatment Experience

Angiograms are a surgical center outpatient treatment that takes 6 hours from arrival to departure. We use IV sedation and lidocaine. You’ll have 1-2 hours of recovery, and afterward, you may experience mild pain for 2-3 days, which you can treat with over-the-counter pain medication. You’ll be able to resume normal activity in 5-7 days.

Expected Results

Angiograms are a tried-and-true procedure that has saved limbs and countless lives. We may recommend some lifestyle changes with diet and exercise, and potentially blood thinners or other medications to prevent future blockages. Expect to feel better almost immediately after the procedure. There may be some potential side effects to stenting, which we will discuss before treatment.

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